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Welcome to Bellevue Park

Located within the city limits of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the residential neighborhood of Bellevue Park reflects the genius of two of America's pioneering advocates of urban beautification and landscape conservation. J. Horace McFarland, a local Harrisburg businessman and civic leader, partnered with Warren H. Manning of Boston, one of America's pre-eminent landscape designers of the early twentieth century. The houses in Bellevue Park are a combination of architect, developer and contractor designs. Each design was subject to the review and approval of the Bellevue Park Association prior to its construction. The McFarland - Manning collaboration resulted in central Pennsylvania's first landscaped suburb, just five minutes from downtown Harrisburg and the Pennsylvania state capitol complex.

Cypress Path

To insure the perpetuation of Bellevue Park's landscape and architectural amenities, the original developers incorporated covenants into the deed of each lot. By covenant, each property owner is made a member of the Bellevue Park Association. Others outline the formula for each member's annual membership fee and require the approval of the Association for certain changes to a property owner's residence. In all cases, the covenants are something of a guarantee to all property owners that the common neighborhood amenities, such as the trees and the appropriate design of new houses and alterations will be continued.

The Bellevue Park Association, with an elected board of directors, is an involved group of residents dedicated to the preservation of the neighborhood. Active committees are permanently in place to address the needs of buildings and grounds maintenance, neighborhood social activities, and compliance with architectural alteration covenants. To communicate news of local interest, the newsletter, Our Grapevine is published and distributed periodically to all residents.

Various aspects of Bellevue Park and its development are covered in more detail throughout this web site. Please visit our neighborhood and explore our web site for routinely updated information about Bellevue Park.

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